For 20 years, the Breast Cancer Recovery organization has never wavered from its unique mission of helping breast cancer survivors heal emotionally by offering retreats designed to both inspire and comfort. These retreats are created and conducted by survivors for survivors and are for women at all stages of breast cancer – newly diagnosed, in treatment, and many years finished with treatment. We’ve had women ages 21 to 80 attend. The retreats are held in locations of natural beauty in the belief that healing can be found in nature too.

Each participant pays a $400 registration fee, with additional financial assistance available. The actual cost to attend a retreat is $1,500 per woman. Due to you as a very generous donor, all women receive a scholarship of $1,100.

They also host an annual education program, that is called Sharing the Knowledge. This program brings together experts to share their knowledge of the latest advances in medical care and emotional health with breast cancer survivors and their families.

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