Can I walk instead of run?
Yes! Even though this is a timed event, we welcome all walkers and non-runners.

Is there a cut-off time?

Can we bring strollers and/or baby joggers?
Sure! There is a short section of grass but you will be able to get over it with no problems. We also ask that you start toward the back so as not to impede the other runners.

Are kids welcome? And do we have to pay for them?
Yes! Kids are welcome. If they want a time and/or a shirt, you do have to pay for them.

Are headphones allowed?
Yes. Please be mindful of those around you and be able to hear any emergency announcements.

Are dogs allowed?
Not for this race, please and thank you.

Is the route hilly?
It’s not flat, but not hilly – gently rolling is a good description. It’s all on road with a short exception of about 500 yards of grass.

Can I just come for the party?
Sure! You can buy a ticket just for the party for $10. This includesa free glass of wine or beer and all the music by Wheelhouse you want to dance to.

Can I sign up the day of?
We don’t know yet. Registrations have exceeded expectations. We have to cap the event at 1,500, so watch the website and Facebook page for updates.

Are there paper registration forms?
No. Please sign up via our registration page so we have accurate data for you.